Book & DVDs

I've made 2 full length award winning DVD's and written one book. I have also appeared at 2 Modern Drummer festivals!
Right now I'm working on digitising the DVDs so you can get them as downloads. Download the 1st chapter of Big Time HERE and I'll keep you in the loop.

Big Time Cover.jpg


I made this to HELP you guys! Big Time - The Drummer's Blueprint For Creativity, Time Keeping & Groove is my Award Winning Movie for Drummers that has helped thousands of drummers world-wide! Big Time was voted “Best Drum Instructional DVD” by the Modern Drummers Reader’s Poll in 2006, this is one of the biggest drum DVD sellers of all time! You want to groove more and improve your time?



Voices In My Head - Features a more in depth and advanced look at concepts explored in Big Time and has more of a Jazz slant to it! Filmed in just one day, you might recognise a few of my friends who came to watch and play.


inside out [book]

Inside Out - Exploring The Mental Aspects of Drumming, is packed full of articles with advice on how you can be the most useful drummer possible.


modern drummer festival 2008 [dvd]

On this occasion I performed with my trio focussing on musicality, finesse and the ability to create sounds with sticks, mallets, brushes and hands.


modern drummer festival 2000 [2000]

My first MD Festival. A ton of improv with some great moments!