You've gotta put in the work

Hello everyone!  I’m here at as well as 

As I envision this unfolding series of blogs, future topics will include the following and likely more:

- Technique.  Both physical as well as “life chops”

- Gear.  Possibly how to record drums as well as drums          (I’d appreciate feedback on that)

- Occasional rants   :)

- True stories from my career.  Some funny, some simply odd, some hard to believe.  We will all enjoy this.  I’ve got stories. 

Who are you?  I like to envision you as my friends because we have so much in common.  We all love drumming and music!    I suspect you already are, or at least certainly wish to be, exceptional.  Many of you may feel somewhat close to reaching your next goal in music, but maybe you need a push in one way or another to move forward.

 I will tell it like it is based on my perceptions and experience. I hope that when I suggest doing something that you like, you don’t just nod your head and think “That’s a great idea” and then never do it.  This is a Nike gig, folks!  “Just Do It.”  You want be special?  Unique?   Deeds, not words are what matters, so put the work in.  Everyone you look up to, who is great, has put the work in, for hours and hours and day after day.  I’m reminded of Mark Craney’s drumstick. It said “Mark Craney - No Excuses”.  I suppose that’s the main point of this particular blog – let’s get serious!

 Finally.  I’m thrilled to announce my blog will appear regularly at  I met Mike Dolbear in 2006 where he organized a thrilling teaching tour throughout the UK and we have remained friends to this day.  I have “tortured” many UK students at two of his sponsored 5 day intensives and I can’t express how much love I have for those students and fellow teachers from those two events.  I am thrilled to be on Mike’s website and hope to remain close to my accomplished students living in the UK and Europe.  I’m so psyched!  Let’s get serious.  Let’s go!



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