Now Available: Voices in My Head

Voices in My HeadPurchase your copy of Billy's latest project!

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Voices in My Head is the jazzy instructional video, and it comes packaged with the Billy Ward Trio CD Out the Door.

Just to get you going, watch the trailer here (beware though, at nearly 8 minutes long, it's a 60MB file--and worth every bit of it!)


Out the Door, the Billy Ward Trio

Out the Door"I absolutely love this very musical CD...Billy plays with such a great touch and feel, and the sound of the recording is amazing... A completely wonderful listening experience" - Dave Weckl

" This is the coolest music I have heard in a very long time. I think it's the hippest Jazz I've heard in a long time. Your playing is very different from what I am used to hearing from you and I really like it. It sounds great too, and it definitely has a great "live" vibe. love the compositions, very cool and slick in a slightly "leftfield" kinda way. Great stuff!" - Thomas Lang

Buy the album that is getting rave reviews from drummers and all of the drumming press for only ten bucks!

DVD Cover artworkBigTime

Buy the DVD that has changed how DVDs are being made today! Big Time was voted “Best Drum Instructional DVD” by the Modern Drummers Reader’s Poll in 2006, this is one of the biggest drum DVD sellers of all time! You want to groove more and improve your time? Buy this DVD here.

There's a trailer of Big Time ready for your downloading pleasure here(~8.14mB).

Inside Out

Inside OutInside Out is, according to Billy, “mostly about how to deal with singers and your career”. Also included is Billy’s quickie chart system, which allows you to learn and perform a ton of songs more easily. For less than the cost of just a couple trips to StarBucks, you can peer into the mind of a drumming master! Order Inside Out here.


Two Hands Clapping

Two Hands Clapping is an album consisting of ten duets conceived and produced by drummer Billy Ward. Billy has invited star guest artists to perform the duets with him based on their desire and ability to embrace the unusual and play / sing something extraordinary, stretching the normal boundaries that exist in band-type formats. "Drummer’s record of the year”-- Modern Drummer Magazine. Buy THC here.

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