Hire Billy

Here are the ways you can hire me to work with you on your recording or live projects!


Online Sessions

“You can send me audio files of your session and I will record the drums in my personal studio, DrumPike Recording, after we thoroughly discuss what you are looking for.  I have recorded hit songs, movie themes and even works for Ballet companies here.



I'm always happy to play live because they are so much fun and an excellent balance to studio recording.  Get in touch and let me know what you'rve got going! 

“Billy Ward has incredible energy for the band. He’s got all the technique of the great drummers but he’s not ‘Mr. Flash’. He’s got a lot of soul and heart in his playing.”
— Bill Evans, in DownBeat magazine

Selected Recordings

“What a beautiful Monster!”
— Legendary composer, Jimmy Webb ‘99
“Don’t let that engaging smile fool you. Billy Ward is thinking drums, time, and rhythm every moment, all the while playing for the music and for the band playing it. He never surrenders himself to playing ‘good enough’. Billy is always working on new magic to express himself.”
— Jazz legend, George Russell

in the studio

As a studio musician I've worked in a variety of musical situations and am so proud to be called by some of the truly great artists and producers. These days I'm based in New York but often travel the USA and the world to record. 


Take a look at the diverse group of artists I have worked with, you may feel comfortable handing your music over to me for drumming or production assistance plus I have more than 25 years of experience as a recording engineer.”