Clinics, Masterclasses & Drum Camps


"I thrive in a group teaching environment and I love working with groups of passionate drummers."

"Beginning around 2000 with my first of two MD Fest appearances, I began sharing my drumming philosophies in Modern Drummer Magazine ‘s Concepts series for years, which led to my book, Inside Out, as well as two award winning videos, Big Time and Voices In My Head, plus two solo albums, Two Hands Clapping and Out The Door."

Music Stores, Universities and Drum Festivals have welcomed Billy’s exuberant teaching performances throughout the world.  

Contact me HERE to discuss booking me for your event.  If you want your local University or music store to host my clinic, go and ask them.  If they ask me or my sponsoring companies, we can get this done!

In a drumming world filled with highly touted so-so players, Ward is a certifiable monster - impressive chops, an incredibly solid feel, a vast knowledge of styles, and a true sense of touch (practically a lost art these days). Oh, and be sure to include Billy’s playful, gregarious personality on that list; it adds a sparkle to any music he touches.
— Modern Drummer Magazine